Diaper ProductsBİRR Export and Import offers quality and confidence in diaper, baby care and adult diapers.

As BİRR Export and Import, we work with many best brands in the field of diaper industry. We want to help you with a wide range of products.

We host GOON, Önlem, Joyful, Bebbe, Holder, Curulex and Honey brands.


GOON Diaper

GOO.N diapers; It is carefully manufactured with Japanese technology for all babies to grow happily, and it meets mothers and babies in 29 countries.

Önlem Diaper

Thanks to the new ‘Önlem’ Diaper Ultra Comfort & Dryness System, it wraps your baby with its flexible structure. It absorbs the liquid rapidly with its soft and cottony upper surface and distributes the liquid evenly to the inner part of the cloth. It absorbs the liquid with its micro-absorbent particles.

Önlem Baby Care

Soft, thick, flexible and long-lasting Önlem Wet Wipes cleans, softens and moisturizes your skin. It is hygienic with alcohol-free content.

Önlem Adult Diaper

The ‘Önlem’ Adult Diaper ensures that those with urinary incontinence feel safe and dry thanks to a leak-proof shield.

Joyful Baby Diaper

The new Joyful Diaper wraps your baby with its flexible structure thanks to the Quad Flexible Comfort System. It allows your baby to move comfortably. It absorbs the liquid quickly with its soft top surface. It distributes the liquid evenly over the cloth.

Joyful Baby Care

Joyful wet towels; cleanses, softens and moisturizes the skin with its soft texture. With its flexible and durable structure, it is hygienic and alcohol-free. Chamomile extract nourishes the skin. Dermatologically tested.

Bebbe Baby Shampoo

Bebbe Baby Shampoo gently cleans your baby’s sensitive skin without drying it, moisturizing the hair and scalp and irritating it with its specially developed eye-catching formula and soft structure. Bebbe Baby Shampoo adds joy to your baby’s bath with its relaxing and pleasant scent.

Holder Adult Diaper

The Holder Adult Diaper, with its double-layer superabsorbent area, makes those who have urinary incontinence feel safe and dry. As a result of the clinical tests conducted in German Dermatest Laboratories, it has been proven that it protects the skin of the users with its ‘5 Star Premium Segment’ (5 star premium segment) degree.

Curulex Adult Diaper

Curelex Adult Diaper provides comfortable and safe feelings for those with urinary incontinence thanks to its breathable side surfaces.


Honey liquid hand soap, with its special formula and feature compatible with the skin, moisturizes and cleans your skin without damaging its natural protective cover. It gives a nice smell and refreshment with its special perfume.

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