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Why BİRR Export and Import?

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We are at your service with thousands of product options.

Dalin, GOON, Humana, Dr. Beckmann, Remove

Dermosept, Multiplus

Önlem, Joyful, Bebbe, Holder, Curulex, Honey

Gürbüzler Nuts

Biomask Surgical Mask

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Why should you choose us?

Experienced Staff

We are ready to provide you with all kinds of support, services and solutions we have gained thanks to our collaborations with international companies and companies that do business worldwide.

International Experience

We are ready to provide you with all kinds of support, service and solution in order to grow your company through export, with the unique experiences we have gained thanks to our collaborations.

Economic Solutions

Join us to increase your profitability, access new financing resources, and give your company a new vision.

Professional Support

While we are starting to export your company on the one hand, on the other hand, with the export trainings we will provide, we will ensure that you and your team dominate all issues with export.

Our services

A good export business plan is required before or after exporting. In this plan, we determine potential owner products, target market information, sales tactics and process with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Apart from our own product groups, we determine the product either as a result of requests from the importer or after the preferences of the “importer”.

Direct (Direct) Export: We do all the export operations by ourselves without using any tool.

Indirect (Indirect) Exports: Companies, brokers, agents without the necessary personnel and resources,

We carry out export transactions through SFTC (Sectoral Foreign Trade Companies), FTC (Foreign Trade Companies) and local purchasing offices.

Joint Investment (Joint Venture): With the importer company; By making a partnership agreement involving one or more of the shares, technology transfer, investment, production and marketing areas, the transaction we realize.

When choosing distribution channels, we select networks where the attributes of the product can be valuable, make prices flexible and calculate according to costs.

We instantly follow the bans and regulations that the product or article will be subjected to abroad, provide controls and ensure compliance with the legislation.

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